Events & Services

Joey prides himself on awareness, and after eleven plus years in the events space, he has noticed a “few” things while working with industry leaders and their competitors. His talent booking experience and market research has lead him to realize that UPSELLING is almost inevitable within the events business. However, he has chosen to distance himself this tactic and instead educates his clients on extras that are commonly overlooked, with hopes to help them avoid additional costs. This approach allows for a more simplistic and hassle free experience. Sometimes less is more, and Joey is always happy to share his knowledge/opinion on event flow and additional production. 


Everything from employee appreciation’s and company retreats to seminars, grand openings and holiday parties. 


Do you travel for weddings? Yes, I have DJ’d weddings in Napa Valley, San Diego and Cabo San Lucas. 


Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Daddy Daughter Dances, Engagement Celebrations, School Dances…                                           

Music Curation

With streaming service platforms becoming more popular, many businesses are looking to have music tailored towards their customers/target market.