what people Say

Honestly, your services were GREAT. Our team raves about how great the music selection was, and our only “Feedback” is we wish we had more time with you (but that is on us, not on you!).
Thank you again for being the life of the party. We hope to have you at another event soon.
Samarah P.
The James Agency
Joey, Thank you so much for the note. I can honestly say I have still been talking about how much fun we had at our wedding, and specifically how awesome of a job you did.
You exceeded all of my expectations, and absolutely killed it. The music was perfect. We have never been to a wedding where so many people stayed and danced as much. The energy was amazing, we can't thank you enough.
My only criticism would be the ceremony interference. I know it was tested prior, and definitely don't think you should have done anything differently. I chalk it up to one of the challenges with technology, and haven't thought about it since wedding day. However, I have thought about how much we enjoyed the wedding and your DJ skills was a large part of our enjoyment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
William & Candace
Heritage Square | Phoenix, AZ
Thank you again for another awesome event, the team had a great time!
Sarah M.
Tuft & Needle